Saturday 23rd March 2019

Join us for a singing workshop and performance of selections from Handel's Messiah in Doric, conducted by internationally acclaimed composer, Paul Mealor. Words by Gordon Hay, translator of the Doric Bible. It took Gordon Hay, a church elder from Longside, Aberdeenshire, a total of six years to complete his "labour of love" - a project that resulted in the complete translation of the New Testament into his mither tongue of Doric.

St Margaret's Braemar an the Ephinstine Institute welcomes aabdy tae thise great cultural event. Oort airt is weel-kent as a place far great music an linguistic distinctiveness are tae be fun. Bit they dinnae aye gang thegither. Here, the day, we hae a superb example o oor ain Doric dialect o the Scots language bein pit tae eese owrsettin th wirds o Handel intae oor mither tongue. The wirds were owreset by Gordon Hay, o Langside in Aiberdeenshire, an the choir conducted by Professor Paul Mealor o the Department o Music. Aiberdeen Varsity. 

Aberdeen is famous for its great musical heritage and rich North East dialect of the Scots language, but these two worlds don't always meet. Today we see our own mellifluous Doric dialect put to song as the famous English words of Handel's Messiah are translated into our mother tongue. The translation was made by Gordon Hay, of Longside, and the choir conducted by Professor Paul Mealor, Department of Music, University of Aberdeen. The event has been organised by St. Margaret's Braemar, in partnership with the Elphinstone Institute, University of Aberdeen, Director, Thomas A. McKean.

Time 18:30 

Tickets are £10 and £8 for this unique performance, includes tea and biscuits after the performance.




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